Opal Plumstead

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A touching book...the best

By Jacky Fashion Sky on 16-03-2018Rating: 5

opal plumstead

I love this book so much! It's my fav book ever!!!!

By Cherry Party Writer on 14-03-2018Rating: 5

Opal Plumstead

I CRIED FOR TWO DAYS STRAIGHT WHEN I FINISHED THE BOOK! It was sooooooo sad! Although, I love it!

By Alice Rabbit Sun on 14-03-2018Rating: 5


I like this book but it is sad when Opals father goes to prison and Morgan dies.

By Rose Crystal Hair on 11-03-2018Rating: 2


OMG this is A-MA-ZING!!!!!!!!! It was so sad at the end!!!!!!!

By Lizzie Cynthia Diamond on 07-03-2018Rating: 5


I dressed up as opal plumstead a women's suffragette and it was so funny having people asking me what a suffragette was, it's such a good book recommend to all.

By Flossy Crystal Telescope on 05-03-2018Rating: 4


I love this book and couldn't put it down!!!

By Molly Strawberry Marshmellow on 04-03-2018Rating: 5

I really liked this book!

This is a REALLY good book. I totally recommend it!

By Amy Cherry Socks on 03-03-2018Rating: 4


ON the scale of 1 to 10 , how good is this book?

By Amy Cynthia Art on 25-02-2018Rating: 5

Best Book I've Ever Read!

Best book Jacky's ever written! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

By Bella Dinosaur Hat on 20-02-2018Rating: 5


I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS! sorry XD! I'm very hyper. But this was amazing it was so sad when jg9 rietwi4ohrwtit4w SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! you cant see the spoiler hahahahahhahahhaha jk you probs read it. well this book was awesome!

By Alisha Fashion Parachute on 16-02-2018Rating: 5

I love this book

So far i have read 75 Jacqueline Wilson books . They keep on getting better i just love this book.

By Violet Glitter Prize on 11-02-2018Rating: 5

Lizzie's Review

She looks so determined on the front cover! It makes me want to read it even more! I've read your reviews and they all describe this book as a must read! Oooooh candy! Yum yum yum! I wish I could just pick them of the page and keep them!!! Lol guys not really. But still, I love candy, so YUM!!!!!!!

By Lizzie Fashion Marshmellow on 09-02-2018Rating: 5

Star rating only.

SOOOO heart capturing.

By Pippa Cherry Starburst on 08-02-2018Rating: 5


Haven't read yet Sound. Amazing History geek

By Opal Rabbit Wobbling on 05-02-2018Rating: 5


i havent read this but by the uther books i c ant wait to read this one

By Crimson Sparkling Marshmellow on 03-02-2018Rating: 5

Star rating only.

No review supplied.

By Lavender Apple Smarties on 02-02-2018Rating: 5


I would agree that this book is good for strong readers or people over the age of 9 due to romance. It has a strong feeling and makes you have sympathy whilst curling up on your bed reading this wonderful, amazing, heart-touching book!!!!!!

By Scarlet Crystal Tickles on 22-01-2018Rating: 5


its romantic and great

By Tracy Balloon Jelly on 14-01-2018Rating: 5

Star rating only.

i think this book is sooo romantic !!! from sapphire tiger hat .

By Sapphire Tiger Hat on 04-01-2018Rating: 4


I agree I really like this book but at the end it turned really sad I almost cried

By Flossy Strawberry Zebra on 04-01-2018Rating: 5

Unique storyline

I really like this book! It absorbs you in to it so that you feel sad in the sad parts,like the characters do themselves. I felt just like poor Opal Plumstead and before I knew it, it was time to tear my spellbound eyes away from this great book-I had finished the book.

By Susan Cynthia Smarties on 02-01-2018Rating: 5

Amazing but sad

This book had something totally unexpected near the end. I loved it though.

By Emerald Harmony Marshmellow on 02-01-2018Rating: 5


This is an AMAZING book! I think that Jacqueline has written thiso book in ways that are indescribable, it's that good!I love this book so much and you should definitely read it!

By Susan Apple Fruit on 02-01-2018Rating: 5

diffrent and cool story

No review supplied.

By Avery Bluebell Snowflake on 28-12-2017Rating: 3

Good book

I have JUST started reading Opal Plumstead, and it is really good!

By Cherry Harmony Midnight on 11-12-2017Rating: 5


I love this book because the characters are all so interesting and there all lots of different stories happening at once.

By Ziggy Crystal Garden on 09-12-2017Rating: 4


No review supplied.

By Jessie Circus Garden on 06-12-2017Rating: 5


Excitement, adventure and feminism. Jacqueline Wilson is such a good author. No wonder every girl in my class loves her.

By Emily Apple Hawk on 29-11-2017Rating: 5


This book looks like it would be nice to read with a large hot chocolate cant wait to read.

By Opal Snazzy Perfume on 26-11-2017Rating: 5