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I think...

A high school of mixed gender
Where all the kids are REBELS
And every supply teacher that arrives has quit to the headmistress's distress!!!
then a meek-looking blonde woman comes and they torture her. but she seems to know all the tricks...
will the high school rebels get the better of her?
most sincerely,
Elsa echo stardust xoxo

btw I am halfway thro writing that on Microsoft word
does anybody know where to get the app on the phone?... I have a Samsung if that helps.

by Elsa Echo Starburst at 2:57 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 1

I'd quite like a Christmas book, and a book with a girl called Ruby in. Maybe more wartime stories? Perhaps a series about Shirley from wave me goodbye - just like the Hetty Feather series.

by Glitzy Angel Christmas at 2:56 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 1

Hey. I got an idea.

Brand new Tracy Beaker book. SPOILER ALERT! I want to see how living with old Flo leads too. I agree with Jess ( Jessica Bluebell Camilla Beaker, such an honour of saying the name!) Sean Godfrey is horrible. But he's not half as horrible as Justine- Smelly-Rat-Bag-Littlewood though. Maybe he could keep in touch? Fall out with Justine? I don't know. Let Jacqueline Wilson decide that. She's good at thinking more idea's. But lets say Jess makes some more friends and Flo has a problem that she wont tell Tracy or Jess....

Like it if you like my comment

by Carrie Party Tickles at 2:55 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 1

Why don't you do what i do at school get given a random picture and write a story about it:):-D

by Lily Apple Biscuits at 2:54 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 0

A girl who loves her family but she is an evacuee and her train to go back home broke so she has to stay in the counryside

by Dixie Moonlight Wink at 2:54 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 1



by Mabel Strawberry Emerald at 2:53 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 0

i think you should make more books about girls or boys you stand out like TINA from Butterfly Club:-D

by Wendy Bluebell Torch at 2:53 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 1

Hi guy, girls and everyone else

I am judging on or after 1st of december 2019

Do you know my competition I posted? I thought maybe if you were going to do it you could post:

I am entering QBG's competition - [fill in] -
Here is my entry:

by Queen Breezy Girl at 2:53 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 0

In one of your books you could get all of the characters from your other books(maybe not all of them) and maybe they could meet and become friends including yourself from Jacky daydream:)

by Lily Apple Biscuits at 2:52 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 1

I think of a book where a girl called Arianne -11 years- Who lives alone in a mansion and her dads a drunk and the police are after them so the girl creates her own world in the sky where she is princess and in the middle of the book she gets sucked into a portal that teleports her to her imaginary world, and she needs to defeat the evil corruption and then she wakes up in hospital because as a baby she had her memory removed but now she realised she had been dreaming her "Life" all the 11 years her memory had been removed

by Scarlet Angel Sweetheart at 2:51 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 1

how about a tragic story where the mum gets really ill. the family might have to move house because they're not near a good enough hospital. i would luv that soooooooooo much.

my idea kind of sounds like Best Friends where Alice moves away from gemma.
byeee Jazzy Snazzy out

by Jasmine Snazzy Eagle at 2:51 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 1

If you are going to do what my first post said I have some news for you!
I will write that story and then the winner could write a sequel. i'll call my book, I want happy days and it'll be a romance. Like if like this idea comment if you don't!!!!!!!


by Queen Breezy Girl at 2:51 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 0

yh i want some more teenage books
myst x

by Mystic Crystal Lipstick at 2:49 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 0

Drop a like if you think Jacqueline Wilson should write a book from a boys viewpoint!!!!!!!!:-D:-D

by Mystic Cherry Secret at 2:47 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 0

Really want a dustbin baby part 2.
I need to know what happens at the pizza place when april meets the man:-D:-D:-D

by August Bluebell Shoes at 2:45 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 1

I want Jacky to write a book about when Hetty and Diamond are grown up. In Dancing the Charleston we see Hetty as an adult but we don't see Diamond and I want to see what happens between Little Stars and that time

by Golden Sparkle Kitten at 2:45 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 1

in think she should write a murder mystery:):)

by Pippa Echo Meadowlark at 2:44 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 0

or a sequel to katy but from dexters point od view

by Pippa Echo Meadowlark at 2:44 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 0

More Tracy beaker!:-D

by Sophia Crystal Art at 2:44 pm Mon 18 Nov 2019 | Likes: 0

Here are a few ideas:

Birch Hanger Boarding School Girls Only
Pixie and Trixsy ( Trixsy is a cat)
Katherine Duffet
Sandy Fireseed
Lilly Trenets

Like if you like my ideas!
From Molly Cynthia Kitten aka book lover.

P.S. I am writing all those books right now

by Molly Cynthia Kitten at 7:28 pm Thu 14 Nov 2019 | Likes: 2

Anything from jacky (can i call her that?) is brill so i don't really mind but another family drama would be cool or to put cool more simply SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALODOCIUS !


by Molly Cynthia Kitten at 7:28 pm Thu 14 Nov 2019 | Likes: 3

I think she should write a book about a girl who has lots of siblings like in KATY. ( Spoiler alert soon!)

The thing is this girl is the youngest, not oldest:) and she always gets bossed about by everyone instead of being the boss:) Later on she shows potential on stage and every one of her siblings start looking up to her. But, one day she falls of stage:) and suffers a terrible injury and doesn't know whether she can act ever again.
From Molly Cynthia Kitten.

P.S: every time I did :) it meant I had written a spoiler alert from KATY.
P.P.S : Like if you agree she shoul

by Molly Cynthia Kitten at 7:27 pm Thu 14 Nov 2019 | Likes: 5

ew whyyyyyy i hate mark he's weird
myst xxxx

by Mystic Crystal Lipstick at 6:23 pm Mon 11 Nov 2019 | Likes: 1

More teenager stuff? IDK?

by Queen Breezy Girl at 10:58 am Thu 7 Nov 2019 | Likes: 3

Like this if you want more Hetty Feather Books!!!!!!!:);-)

by Queen Breezy Girl at 10:58 am Thu 7 Nov 2019 | Likes: 8

there should be a book about a girl who gets lost at an airport then she starts her own youtube channel and doesnt find her family until she becomes famous.
Like this if you love youtube:-D

by August Harmony Dreamer at 10:58 am Thu 7 Nov 2019 | Likes: 6

stories like candyfloss and sleepover

by Lavender Balloon Sequin at 10:57 am Thu 7 Nov 2019 | Likes: 1


Jacky should do a book about Mona when she is twenty and in that book her mum dies. This book can be really saucy with a lot of bedroom. I would love it if Mona had a secret twin sister!

by Sophia Snazzy Microscope at 10:57 am Thu 7 Nov 2019 | Likes: 4

A story were three girls get put in an airplane as babies,the plane crashes and the babies never see each other again until their all teens and have know clue who each other are or they were ever related. Until two of the girls figure it out and join forces,make peace whilst the other carries on with her life as a servent not telling the other two,they are desparate to find out what their sister is hiding.They sneak in and Eliza,Epenise and Errie(the girls) have a doubate in front of the king and Errie may loose her job. :-O:-O!
They Eliza and Epenise give every thing they own to their s

by Pippa Dinah Bubble at 11:29 am Wed 6 Nov 2019 | Likes: 4

I agree with Becky Orange Daydream's latest post; A sequel to Clover Moon and Rose Rivers!

by Mystic Cherry Secret at 9:43 am Fri 1 Nov 2019 | Likes: 4

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