Emerald Star

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My favourite Hetty Feather book!

By Jade Echo Wink on 09-05-2017Rating: 5



By Willow Snazzy Emerald on 07-05-2017Rating: 3

Emarald Star

(me and my mum went through great lengths to get this book but it was totally worth it when I had finished it)I had been waiting for what seemed like forever for this book to come out because Hetty Feather (and all of the other JW characters hold a special place inside my heart.

By Sophia Rainbow Daffodil on 30-04-2017Rating: 5


Wow, this is the third book in the Hetty Feather series and VERY near the top of my favourite books list! READ THIS BOOK!!!

By Emerald Apple Jewel on 24-04-2017Rating: 5

Emerald Star Review

I absolutely love this book when I was reading it at bedtime and I was close to the end when it was lights out I turned my torch on and I carried on reading quite a few times I was very close to being caught then once I did! But that shows how much I ❤️ this book.When I looked on the front cover and it says ' Hetty's search for a happy ending' I thought it was going to be the last book of the series but luckily it wasn't.

By Lulu Crystal Bubble on 16-04-2017Rating: 4

Super Great!

Emerald Star is definitely the best Out of all of them! The best Jacqueline Wilson book ever!

By Scarlet Angel Kingfisher on 15-04-2017Rating: 5

Emerald Star


By India Kaleidoscope Smarties on 11-04-2017Rating: 3

Emerald Star

I love the book! I wanted the book for a long time and I wasn't very patient but when I got the book it was defently worth it.

By Pixie Party Daisy on 05-04-2017Rating: 5


Wow! I just finished this book and I loved it ! 10 out of 10

By Abi Crystal Hawk on 02-04-2017Rating: 5


I have read Emrald star and it is amazing

By Tracy Rabbit Buttercup on 09-03-2017Rating: 5


I just finished this book 📚 and I ❤️ it!!! I didn't think Hetty would go to the circus!!!!!!!!

By Jessie Moonlight Writer on 01-03-2017Rating: 5


omg this book is wonderful i actually started crying at one point when i was reading it.

By Emerald Strawberry Sky on 18-02-2017Rating: 5


this book was so cool. If I were hetty I would probably do the same. I haven,t read the next book but I am really looking forward to!

By Aubrey Circus Gemstone on 30-01-2017Rating: 5

I love it

The very thing that suprised me was that Janet didn't like Hetty very much!Though I really really loved it.This is the best best very best book in the series, I actually started reading Little Stars at first, then Diamond! I thought I was going backwards! But thank goodness that I then read Hetty Feather, then Sapphire Battersea. Now this, I'm up to the last chapter. My Grandma is also reading this series, she is up to Sapphire Battersea.

By Ruby Angel Kitten on 23-01-2017Rating: 5

Fantastic book Emerald Star

Love this book.Its so fantastic that Hetty finds her father.And she fell in love with little Dimond at the end!And I have to say I think Hetty looked really pretty on all the covers and look cute on the first one.Anyone who hasn't read it READ IT!!!!! WELL done JW for another fantastic book

By Hetty Tiger Snowflake on 14-01-2017Rating: 5

Hetty's back!

I loved this book especially when we got to meet Hettys dad. I especially liked that she was so determined to stay with him.

By Bella Sparkle Shoes on 04-01-2017Rating: 5

Spectacular book😝

I love this book it is quite adventurous and has a lot of cliffhangers!!!

By Fabulous Strawberry Sunflower on 31-12-2016Rating: 5

great book

it is a nice book and it is good to know hetty feather found her father.

By Emerald Rabbit Hat on 29-12-2016Rating: 5


i love love love this book sooooo much!

By Hetty Snazzy Garden on 03-12-2016Rating: 5


its the bet Hetty feather book so far you never know what will happen next!

By Hetty Silly Wobbling on 29-11-2016Rating: 5


I think that Emerald Star is an amazing third book in the series. It made me feel the charcters feelings.

By Delilah Balloon Diamond on 21-11-2016Rating: 4


Really good and hard to tell what will happen next! I Really like it!

By Sunset Cherry Sweeties on 19-11-2016Rating: 5

No words

I really, really love this series, seriously. I'm not lying when I say this, and I've actually done it today as well with another on of J.W's books, I read this non-stop, if I had to go somewhere I would 'multi-task' by reading it and doing things at the same time, I did not once put my head up.

By Ruby Bluebell Moonlight on 13-11-2016Rating: 5

I love this

Hetty you are brilliant I just love it ever since I've read my first Jacqueline wilson book the illustrated mum and secrets

By Daisy Glitter Sequin on 13-11-2016Rating: 5

Great Work!

I would definitely recommend this book to anybody. I've read this book many times and it will always be my 2nd favourite book. My top favourite is Little Stars, which is the 5th book in the Hetty Feather series. This book is a real page-turner and there is a lot of drama! I really like that there is not many pictures because it puts a good image in your mind and gives you a lot of imagination. This is good because I like to write books myself, and it has given me a good idea on what to do next. Whenever I start reading the book, I look at the time and it flew by! I've been told many times to put it down but I obviously said no. 5 stars from me!

By Flossy Snazzy Biscuits on 12-11-2016Rating: 5



By Serenity Snazzy Snowflake on 07-11-2016Rating: 5



By Coral Glitter Cupcake on 06-11-2016Rating: 5

One of my favourite books in the universe!

Hetty is such a brilliant character and I am so happy that Jaqueline has written another book about her. It is one of my favourite books. It almost made me cry when Hetty told Jem she could not marry him like she had dreamed when she left for the Foundling Hospital a few years ago. If you haven't read it go to the library and borrow it and you'll be glad you did. This is one of my favourite books in the universe so as I said go to the library and borrow. Well Done Jacky, you should be so proud of yourself because only a brilliant author could have written such a fantastic book. Well Done!

By Sweetie Strawberry Telescope on 30-10-2016Rating: 5

Emerald Star

Cool book.

By Princess Silly Daydream on 29-10-2016Rating: 5

Emerald star review

Loved this book from beginning to the end,very warmhearted story. Loved how hetty kept going on adventures and never gave up. Just finished this book today didn't wanna put it down.

By Queen Glitter Sweetheart on 26-10-2016Rating: 5