Jacqueline Wilson Creative Writing Prize 2016 Jacqueline Wilson Creative Writing Prize 2016

The Creative Writing competition is back for 2017 and we want to hear from you young writers!

If you are between seven and twelve years old, by 8th September 2017, you are eligible to enter this fabulous competition. To enter, you need to 'write a letter to someone who lives far away', just like Shirley does in Jacqueline's new book, Wave Me Goodbye. Letters should be no longer than 750 words long and cannot feature real characters or events, so fire up your imagination!

How to enter

The competition closes at noon on 8th September 2017. Entries must be approved by parents/guardians or teachers. Fill out the form below…

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An Incredible prize!

One winner will have their letter published in an upcoming Jacqueline Wilson novel! They will also receive £100 worth of books, a year's subscription to First News, a book bundle for their school AND the chance to meet Jacqueline Wilson!



Do you need help to begin writing your letter? Here are some tips and tricks from Jacqueline to get you started!

Eraser and pencil sharpener

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e.g. A Letter to a Soldier/ A Letter to a Victorian Child/ A Letter to My Friend in India

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Please note that your letter will be rejected if the length is more than 750 words or if it contains any inappropriate content or if it includes any of your personal information.

Please make sure you read all of the rules in the Terms and Conditions.

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If you are having trouble submitting your entry, you can email it to here

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Letters can’t be returned, so remember to save a copy in a separate location before you send your letter in!

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To send in a physical entry please complete this downloadable entry form and follow the instructions on the first page.

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