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Jacqueline Wilson’s Diary

Letter for September

Dear Everyone, How does it feel to be back to school?  I’ve just written a scene in my new book for teenagers when my main girl Frankie has a pretty disastrous first day back at school after the holidays because … well, I won’t say why, because it will give away part of the plot.  It’s a modern story for teenagers this time – and I’ve really enjoyed writing it.  That book won’t be published till next Spring – but meanwhile my bran…

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Latest Book

We Are The Beaker Girls

Jess and Tracy Beaker have found happiness in The Dumping Ground. Not that Dumping Ground- the children’s home that Tracy grew up in- but a seaside antique shop full of treasures, along with Flo, the owner, and Alfie, their dog.Jess is looking for a fantastic new boyfriend for her mum (mostly because Tracy’s awful ex Sean is back on the scene). But Jess has bigger problems of her own- she’s being picked on by a local kid who’s got it in for her. But when Jess uncovers the truth about her new enemy, it means big changes for the Beaker Girls…

See “We Are The Beaker Girls”

Book of the Month

My Mum Tracy Beaker

Jacqueline Wilson's bestselling, ultra famous and TOTALLY BRILLIANT Tracy Beaker is BACK!!

Tracy has returned, hand in hand with her daughter Jess, she’s ready to make her childhood dreams come true. 

Jess thinks Tracy is the best mum ever, even when she shouts at her teachers!

Tracy has made the perfect home for Jess, leaving The Dumping Ground far behind her.

Yes, their flat’s a bit mouldy. It’s only just big enough for two. And the Duke Estate is a bit scary. But it’s their happy home. 

Until Sean Godfrey, Tracy’s rich boyfriend, whisks them away to his mansion, life of fast cars and celebrity stardom. 

Will Jess’s brilliant mum turn into a new person altogether? 

And will Tracy realise that her childhood dream might not be what she needs after all? 

See “My Mum Tracy Beaker”

Latest News

The Creative Writing Prize 2019 is now closed

Thank you for all your wonderful entries to the Jacqueline Wilson Creative Writing Prize.

Judging is now underway and the winner will be revealed soon!

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