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Jacqueline Wilson’s Diary

Letter for April

Dear Everyone, This is such a strange time for all of us!  I do hope you’re all safe and well and coping with this new way of life.  I expect you’re really missing your friends and school and all your outdoor activities – dancing, Brownies, football, swimming, gymnastics …  It’s so frustrating and upsetting – but this situation isn’t going to last forever, even if it feels like it!  I very much wanted to rush around the country in…

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Love Frankie

Look out for Jacqueline Wilson's latest book, out 16th April 2020

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Book of the Month

We Are The Beaker Girls

Jacqueline Wilson’s FUNNIEST, FIERCEST and most BELOVED new heroine JESS BEAKER returns for another AMAZING ADVENTURE.

Jess and Tracy Beaker have found happiness in The Dumping Ground.

Not that Dumping Ground- the children’s home that Tracy grew up in- but a seaside antique shop full of treasures, along with Flo, the owner, and Alfie, their dog.

Jess is looking for a fantastic new boyfriend for her mum (mostly because Tracy’s awful ex Sean is back on the scene). But Jess has bigger problems of her own- she’s being picked on by kid who’s got it in for her.

But when Jess uncovers the truth about her new enemy, it means big changes for the Beaker Girls…

See “We Are The Beaker Girls”

Latest News


The Creative Writing Prize 2019 Winner announced!

The winning Story by 9-year-old Fern Brindle is to be published in We are the Beaker Girls by Jacqueline Wilson in June 2020.

9-year-old Fern Brindle from Dronfield in Derbyshire has won this year’s prize. For this year’s challenge, entrants were asked to write a short story on any subject between 750-1000 words. 

Fern’s story, Mum’s New Hobby, is a highly original and very funny story. Fern says she was inspired to write it because “my Granddad said that I didn’t have a sense of humour, (I don’t find his jokes funny). Then my Mum knitted a hat that didn’t turn out right, it was big enough to fit a giant and I just started imagining what funny things might happen with a ginormous hat!”

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