Opal Plumstead

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Jazz's review

Wow! This book looks A-MA-Z-I-N-G! Cant wait to read it!

By Jazz Bubblegum on 26-04-2014Rating: 5


I really need that book it sounds epic

By Zena Bike on 26-04-2014Rating: 5


What an awesome book Fab

By Dusty Boutique on 26-04-2014Rating: 5


Wow!!! I've read the blurb which has made me imaging what my life would be like if I was Opal!! What an amazing and moving story!!!😄😄:)

By Loretta Feather on 26-04-2014Rating: 5


Im so excited! It sounds different to te kind of books Jacky normaly writes. I love Jacqueline Wilson, and this book sound fantabulous!

By Isla Fabulous on 25-04-2014Rating: 5

Opal Plumpstead

Opal Plumpstead is a wonderful charming book set back before and in the First World War. It's mixture of sadness and humor makes you want to read some more. ***** Stars!!!!!!!!! !!!!

By Sydney Tokyo on 25-04-2014Rating: 5


I have to read this!!!! YAY FIRST TPO REVIEW GO ME!!!

By Fiona Turquoise on 24-04-2014Rating: 5

opal plumstead

very good loved it would recommit to everyone

By Delia Puppy on 24-04-2014Rating: 5


Nice! And I love, love, love the name Opal Plumstead!

By Susan Bounty on 24-04-2014Rating: 5

Opal Plumstead

I haven't read this book yet,but I think it may be good as all of JW's books are!!

By Cora Jumper on 24-04-2014Rating: 5