Emerald Star

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2464 reviews for Emerald Star

best story ever

I love this book - it's amazing, exciting and heart breaking. Incredible you have to read it.

By Aisling Cherryblossom on 20-02-2015Rating: 5


This book is really nice and I love all the Hetty Feather adventures!

By Bracken Festival on 19-02-2015Rating: 4


This book is really exciting!!! I LOVE all of Hetty's names!

By Jem Sandbanks on 19-02-2015Rating: 5


This book is very good but at times its very boring. I started being interested in reading these books at eight years old yup these big books and i own and read all of the hetty feather books. Amazing if you read them in the right order.

By Sam Illuminations on 13-02-2015Rating: 3


I love this book it inspires me so much it is heart-warming and and I love the fact hetty carries so many names and her dignity is so pure

By Coralie Pop on 08-02-2015Rating: 5

Couldn't Put It Down

Emerald Star is outstanding and is definitely my 2nd favorite book following Hetty Feather.

By Topaz Singer on 07-02-2015Rating: 5


I have dyslexia and this has to be one of the best book in the world very easy to read and understand I love it :)

By Hayden Maze on 06-02-2015Rating: 5

Can't stop reading it!

I think it is outstanding! I am only half way through the boog but I am so intregued that this book can allow girls like me who don't read may books to suddenly read many jacquoline wilson sirieses! I would definetly reccomend this book!

By Jo Singer on 03-02-2015Rating: 5


fab book one of my favourite reads has a brilliant theme about a young girl who wants to find her farther. This book is set in Victorian times when children either were rich or were in a work house but Hetty is a confident and determined girl so I give this book 5 stars!

By Cosette Citrus on 20-01-2015Rating: 5

emerald star

A cool book .When a girl finds her father after her mother died of a dreadful illness.

By Fifi Dilemmas on 20-01-2015Rating: 5

emerald star

it was an amazing book! right know I'm reading diamond but I really think there should be another book added to the Hetty feather series, perhaps all about her life at the circus being emerald star?

By Elle History on 18-01-2015Rating: 5


I enjoyed it very much excellent way of describing how hard it was in the victorian times i have read all the books and looking forward for more

By Morag Whizz on 17-01-2015Rating: 5


a wonderful book to the hetty feather colection

By Arthur Hummingbird on 13-01-2015Rating: 5

Please make a fourth one !

I've read all of them ( including diamond )but I really am wondering how Hetty will go on in the circus . Please !

By Fenella Meadowlark on 12-01-2015Rating: 5


i loved the other two sooo please make a fourth maybe emerald star two!! for your #1 fan

By Topaz Snowdrop on 30-12-2014Rating: 5

100000000000 out of 10!

This is such a great book! I have the Hetty Feather trilogy at home and this one is BRILLIANT! I especially like the cliffhanger at the end, i won't tell because i don't want any spoilers... :)

By Alma Mimosa on 29-12-2014Rating: 5

The character s and my reviw

Katherine spoils a lovely relation ship between Hetty and her Father. Jem seemed so nice but Janet was a bit mean with her crush on Jem. Madame Adaline was nice as usual! Sorry for spoiling a bit of the book but it is truly great I can't recommend it enough!😀😂😁😂

By Mitzi Echo on 25-12-2014Rating: 5


This is my fave book out of all of Jacky's books. It has a good theme, good story. I would absolutely LOVE it if there could be another book, with a VERY clever title. Or maybe even a story about another character. My fave part is... EVERY PART! SPOILER ALERT! I also love it when Hetty

By Hermione Festival on 24-12-2014Rating: 5


outstanding amazing extrordanary

By Posey Hat on 22-12-2014Rating: 4

Emerald Star

Emerald is 14 and her real name is Sapphire Battersea.She finds her lost father but then realises she can't live with him because of nasty Katherine. SPOIL ALERT! sHE RUNS TO THE COUTRY TO MEET HER loved foster brother Jem. She then joins the circus and meets a friend called Diamond. Please read this book, It is a great story.

By Janet Lacrosse on 20-12-2014Rating: 5


Emerald is so brave!

By Janine Tiger on 18-12-2014Rating: 5

Never Got Bored

I read Emerald Star once and I wanted to read every chapter over and over again. Such and inspiring and heart-braking book/story.

By Trixibelle Pockets on 08-12-2014Rating: 5

hetty feather series

If you haven't read it yet ... well then .. WHAT are you waiting for ? read it .. it is amazing ..

By Paulina Tower on 06-12-2014Rating: 4

Emerald Star is emotional!

I feel sorry for Jem because he really wanted to marry Hetty! I recommend the other Hetty Feather story's- Hetty Feather, Sapphire Battersea and Diamond. Emerald Star is a fantastic book and written by a fabulous author as well!

By Nancy Oliver on 06-12-2014Rating: 5

Hetty Feather-Saphire Battersea-Emerald Star

i <3 this book and all the other hetty feather books i read them all in one go!

By Sundance Rhyme on 25-11-2014Rating: 5

The Amazing Emerald

What an amazing book , but the end is not what I expected , but I am not going to spoil it for anyone who has not read it before 25/11/14 By Maya Patel

By Rosalie Colour on 25-11-2014Rating: 5


Amazing story! I cant believe its the last of the Hetty Feather series!!! its such a touching and beautiful story!

By Jayni Empire on 23-11-2014Rating: 3


I absoloutley <3 this book! it is amazing!

By Janine Writer on 20-11-2014Rating: 5

brilliant book!!!

this book is brilliant and it is adventurous aswell

By Cecile Bookcase on 09-11-2014Rating: 5


i havent quite finished emerald star yet i am at the pert where she goes back to jem but i think it is a sad Story because she lost her mother her step mother is not nice and evry Body that she thout she new in her foster Family does not remember her isnt that sad in her case I would have gone back to the greenwoods this nice family

By Waterfall Latin on 09-11-2014Rating: 5