Emerald Star

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Amazing! 😊

Picked up this book and I knew it would be great! I really want to read Hetty Feather as this is the only book I read out of the Hetty Feather trilogy. Hope to finish it soon....Only on Chapter 5 and this book is breathtakingly awesome! Hope to come here again once I've finished this amazing book! Xxxx, Francesca Toy 💖

By Francesca Toy on 17-03-2015Rating: 4


I absolutely love the trilogy It has inspired me very much

By Lydia McDougal on 14-03-2015Rating: 5


All books are good third one is my favourite

By Blair Latin on 12-03-2015Rating: 5

Best Book . . . . . . . EVER!!!!!!!!!

This is one of the best books I have read! But . . . well if you read the whole of page 217 you'll find out!

By Evanora Sandbanks on 12-03-2015Rating: 5

Love It

I love it. This is such a good book. The only thing I don't like about it is how it is a little too lovey towards the end but if you like that then this is perfect for you!

By Briar-Rose Box on 12-03-2015Rating: 4

Love this book

I absoulutly love this book I have fallen in love

By Verity Mulberry on 11-03-2015Rating: 5


this a brilliant book and very touching one of the best books i have ever read

By Eclipse Mulberry on 10-03-2015Rating: 5


Amazing like all the others..

By Rocco Letters on 09-03-2015Rating: 5


I LOVE this book. It is AMAZING. The only thing I did not like was going in the circus- I think living with Jem would be much better.

By Madrah Fountain on 03-03-2015Rating: 4

I love it

epic! When I read Hetty Feather I so thought she would marry Jem but she went to the circus with diamond and madame Adeline.

By Jacob Luxurious on 01-03-2015Rating: 5


I read this in my reading group at school. Me and my friend loved it,and read more than we had to. I don't know who doesn't like this book,it is so good. please carry on with the Hetty Feather adventures Jaqueline.

By Judith Rainforest on 01-03-2015Rating: 5

love this book!!!

I started this book today and I can't put it down! I love the Hetty Feather books but this is the BEST! My favorite part is when Hetty meets her father. Yet another wonder from JW!

By Cherish Longsocks on 27-02-2015Rating: 5

my book revue

i have got all 3 books of the hetty frether advensers and i love em im on chapter 11 of emerald star and i think its say how hettys mum and foster dad have dide and how her step mothers so mean i think it great how sees so close to meating up with her childhood sweet hart soon i cried when all the trajic stuf happend and i think it was crull of mr bucahanna to stell hetty's beloved memerys and i cant waght for the ending

By Magda Chantilly on 22-02-2015Rating: 5


I love this book its so amazing I love the triology but this is the best one by far .I totally recomend this book to everyone.

By Minty Coriander on 22-02-2015Rating: 5

best story ever

I love this book - it's amazing, exciting and heart breaking. Incredible you have to read it.

By Aisling Cherryblossom on 20-02-2015Rating: 5


This book is really nice and I love all the Hetty Feather adventures!

By Bracken Festival on 19-02-2015Rating: 4


This book is really exciting!!! I LOVE all of Hetty's names!

By Jem Sandbanks on 19-02-2015Rating: 5


This book is very good but at times its very boring. I started being interested in reading these books at eight years old yup these big books and i own and read all of the hetty feather books. Amazing if you read them in the right order.

By Sam Illuminations on 13-02-2015Rating: 3


I love this book it inspires me so much it is heart-warming and and I love the fact hetty carries so many names and her dignity is so pure

By Coralie Pop on 08-02-2015Rating: 5

Couldn't Put It Down

Emerald Star is outstanding and is definitely my 2nd favorite book following Hetty Feather.

By Topaz Singer on 07-02-2015Rating: 5


I have dyslexia and this has to be one of the best book in the world very easy to read and understand I love it :)

By Hayden Maze on 06-02-2015Rating: 5

Can't stop reading it!

I think it is outstanding! I am only half way through the boog but I am so intregued that this book can allow girls like me who don't read may books to suddenly read many jacquoline wilson sirieses! I would definetly reccomend this book!

By Jo Singer on 03-02-2015Rating: 5


fab book one of my favourite reads has a brilliant theme about a young girl who wants to find her farther. This book is set in Victorian times when children either were rich or were in a work house but Hetty is a confident and determined girl so I give this book 5 stars!

By Cosette Citrus on 20-01-2015Rating: 5

emerald star

A cool book .When a girl finds her father after her mother died of a dreadful illness.

By Fifi Dilemmas on 20-01-2015Rating: 5

emerald star

it was an amazing book! right know I'm reading diamond but I really think there should be another book added to the Hetty feather series, perhaps all about her life at the circus being emerald star?

By Elle History on 18-01-2015Rating: 5


I enjoyed it very much excellent way of describing how hard it was in the victorian times i have read all the books and looking forward for more

By Morag Whizz on 17-01-2015Rating: 5


a wonderful book to the hetty feather colection

By Arthur Hummingbird on 13-01-2015Rating: 5

Please make a fourth one !

I've read all of them ( including diamond )but I really am wondering how Hetty will go on in the circus . Please !

By Fenella Meadowlark on 12-01-2015Rating: 5


i loved the other two sooo please make a fourth maybe emerald star two!! for your #1 fan

By Topaz Snowdrop on 30-12-2014Rating: 5

100000000000 out of 10!

This is such a great book! I have the Hetty Feather trilogy at home and this one is BRILLIANT! I especially like the cliffhanger at the end, i won't tell because i don't want any spoilers... :)

By Alma Mimosa on 29-12-2014Rating: 5