Emerald Star

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emerald star

i love this book beacuse its like my life my preants splite up when i was 9 and then my dad got married to sombody eles and i lived with my my than my mum had a baby boy and then i was not all bad but i couldn't see my dad every day but we where a happy famil with out him i love this book and i want to be a writer when i grow up

By Cherry Harmony Mist on 30-08-2015Rating: 5


I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Lily Strawberry Skylark on 27-08-2015Rating: 5



By Rosaline Cynthia Emerald on 25-08-2015Rating: 5

great book

I really love this book,I could not put it down! this story is clear and easy to understand, I almost imagined I was Emerald herself!

By Lavender Silly Perfume on 23-08-2015Rating: 5


ITS OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Skippy Cherry Midnight on 19-08-2015Rating: 4

Jw is awesome

This is about friendship and courage

By Crimson Crystal Bubble on 16-08-2015Rating: 5


I'm reading this book soon i need to finish sapphire battersea first cant wait.!!!!

By Rose Sparkle Bunny on 10-08-2015Rating: 5


All the hetty feather books are faboulous i love her life story.

By Daisy Strawberry Cupcake on 06-08-2015Rating: 5


At first I thought that it may prove to be a little boring but it was actually a GREAT story!

By Alexandra Cynthia Parachute on 02-08-2015Rating: 5


This is probably the best book i have EVER read it is amazing and you just never know what will happen yet!!!!!!!!!!! :)

By Opal Fashion Bluebell on 30-07-2015Rating: 5


This is a fantastic book and I will read it again and again. When Evie/Ida died it kind of unveiled how difficult Emerald's life is and I like how when she had to make the decision of what she wanted she followed her heart not what she wanted years ago what she wanted now. And for those that want to read it I highly recommend you do, especially if you have read the previous books you will love it.

By Micky Tiger Bunny on 29-07-2015Rating: 5

Emerald Amazing Star

This book overall was sooooooo great! It has tons of cliffhangers,I could not put this book down! She meets Diamond as well. This book, I have to say, is another one of Jackie's AMAZING BOOKS !!!!!!

By Sweetie Harmony Swan on 17-07-2015Rating: 5



By Beauty Moonlight Dreamer on 06-07-2015Rating: 5

my say ( Emerald Star)

the whole book was great , FANTASTIC actually I read the Waterstones exclusive with Jaquelines signature .

By Alexandra Dinah Pebble on 03-07-2015Rating: 5

Emerald Star review

I thought this book was perfect! This is one of my favourites! I think it was a great idea that it is linked with the book,Diamond!

By Francine Ducklings on 01-07-2015Rating: 4


emerald star is amazing. I could not put the book down I was so exited when diamond came out and I can not wait for little stars. Hetty's life has so much emoticon.:)

By Sapphire Echo Girl on 29-06-2015Rating: 5

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the books with Hetty are my FAVOURITE.😀

By Sam Cosmic on 15-05-2015Rating: 5



By Fox Sandwich on 15-04-2015Rating: 5

one of my faves!

love love love love love it!!!!!

By Arwen Pheonix on 14-04-2015Rating: 5

An unexpected ending

I thought that Jem was highly irritating in this book,so I was quite pleased when Hetty decided to join the circus in the end.

By Bellatrix Swansong on 11-04-2015Rating: 5

Emerald star

I read hetty feather and sapphire Battersea and they were both amazing so I asked my mum to buy me emerald star. she did. and it was money well spent it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S I love you Jackie I think ur books are amazing

By Pinkette Greengage on 05-04-2015Rating: 5


This book is amazing. As soon as I looked at it, I knew it would be perfect. In this case, you can judge a book by it's cover. The cover is amazing. A sad story but I love all the characters and their personalities.

By Gertie Bean on 30-03-2015Rating: 5

Sooooooo AMAZING!!!

I don't thing it was as good as sapphire battersea and hetty feather but still and always AMAZING

By Maple Tropical on 28-03-2015Rating: 5

Amazing! 😊

Picked up this book and I knew it would be great! I really want to read Hetty Feather as this is the only book I read out of the Hetty Feather trilogy. Hope to finish it soon....Only on Chapter 5 and this book is breathtakingly awesome! Hope to come here again once I've finished this amazing book! Xxxx, Francesca Toy 💖

By Francesca Toy on 17-03-2015Rating: 4


I absolutely love the trilogy It has inspired me very much

By Lydia McDougal on 14-03-2015Rating: 5


All books are good third one is my favourite

By Blair Latin on 12-03-2015Rating: 5

Best Book . . . . . . . EVER!!!!!!!!!

This is one of the best books I have read! But . . . well if you read the whole of page 217 you'll find out!

By Evanora Sandbanks on 12-03-2015Rating: 5

Love It

I love it. This is such a good book. The only thing I don't like about it is how it is a little too lovey towards the end but if you like that then this is perfect for you!

By Briar-Rose Box on 12-03-2015Rating: 4

Love this book

I absoulutly love this book I have fallen in love

By Verity Mulberry on 11-03-2015Rating: 5


this a brilliant book and very touching one of the best books i have ever read

By Eclipse Mulberry on 10-03-2015Rating: 5