Emerald Star

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Emerald star

i can't wait to start reading this book

By Scarlet Harmony Swift on 09-12-2015Rating: 5


It was okay but the rest of the Hetty Feathers stories were better if I am honest, but actually it is better than Little Stars. Some people will think different though. Some people like it, some don`t.

By Princess Angel Planet on 07-12-2015Rating: 2


i haven't read yet but i am going to read it so fingers crossed it will be great

By Vita Rainbow Secret on 06-12-2015Rating: 5

my fav book

OMG. i love love LOVE!!! this book! she found jem!!

By Poppy Rabbit Cupcake on 05-12-2015Rating: 5


this book is good but not as exiting as the other ones its more sad than exiting

By Riley Rainbow Christmas on 05-12-2015Rating: 4


She found her dad

By Zippy Balloon Dazzles on 28-11-2015Rating: 3

Emerald Star by Jacqueline Wilson

I love this book!

By Sallyann Twilight on 28-11-2015Rating: 5


Im reading emerald star and i really enjoy it but im wondering what book comes after it, and the one after that, and so on and so on...can someone please help me?

By Riley Sparkle Marshmellow on 27-11-2015Rating: 5

best friend

my bestie read it at school. my bestie is imogen smith,lexi roberts and laura dixon.

By Emily Moonlight Parrot on 26-11-2015Rating: 3

Best Book Ever

I love the plot twist and the romance. This book has brought me joy and tears. But I can't understand why Hetty left Jem.

By Jasmine Tiger Eyes on 26-11-2015Rating: 5

beast book ever

iv read all of the hetty feather books and i love this one to i fined theres nothing stopping hetty from doing any thing i hope jacqueline wilson will write another after little stars!

By Hetty Silly Buttercup on 09-11-2015Rating: 5

I love it!

Not as good as the first book or Diamon and Little stars but is still utterly brilliant.

By Crimson Balloon Christmas on 08-11-2015Rating: 5


this book is so sweet and lovely

By Rose Snazzy Bubble on 08-11-2015Rating: 4

emerald star

best book ever its so lovly

By Bella Cynthia Summer on 06-11-2015Rating: 5

Best Book Ever!

Amazing story, great plot, and I love her father and Jem! Should get an award.

By Becky Sparkle Punk on 30-10-2015Rating: 5


I Hated her dads wife. The second I fineshed sapphire battersea I was desperate to read it but I hadn't bought it with me on holiday😩

By Princess Moonlight Dreamer on 29-10-2015Rating: 5


This is So amazing, it's a masterpiece! JW rules!πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

By Twinkle Sandwich on 29-10-2015Rating: 5

not as good but still in the right era

so great but not as good as hetty feather or Diamond

By Wendy Orange Puzzler on 26-10-2015Rating: 4


i really want all the hetty feather books for christmas!!!

By Sunset Crystal Planet on 25-10-2015Rating: 5


Love this

By Verity Apple Swirls on 21-10-2015Rating: 5

Emerald Star

I need Jem.

By Mystic Snazzy Star on 20-10-2015Rating: 5


loved this third emerald star hetty feather book

By Ivy Bluebell Kiwi on 20-10-2015Rating: 5


awesome sooooooooooooo awesome

By Rose Breezy Cupcake on 19-10-2015Rating: 5


I love it

By Sophia Bluebell Sweetheart on 15-09-2015Rating: 5

Emerald star review by jasmine circus butterfly

SPOILER! This book is amazing!filled with heartstopping moments as hetty,after her mothers melancholy death searches for her real father,wich then afterwards leads her to explore the spectacular tanglefields travelling circus!where she searches again for her beloved old friend madame adeline!and meets old and new friends along the way...

By Jasmine Circus Butterfly on 15-09-2015Rating: 5

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

its amazing toatlly cool

By Beauty Silly Lipstick on 11-09-2015Rating: 5



By Bethan Delightful on 09-09-2015Rating: 5


I love this book. I really want to look like her.

By Alice Rainbow Fruit on 04-09-2015Rating: 5

emerald star

i love this book beacuse its like my life my preants splite up when i was 9 and then my dad got married to sombody eles and i lived with my my than my mum had a baby boy and then i was not all bad but i couldn't see my dad every day but we where a happy famil with out him i love this book and i want to be a writer when i grow up

By Cherry Harmony Mist on 30-08-2015Rating: 5


I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Lily Strawberry Skylark on 27-08-2015Rating: 5