Emerald Star

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I love this book it amazeballs

By Iona Mimosa on 19-07-2014Rating: 5

Hang on, hang on!

Read at least a quarter of this book, but what is first - sapphire battersea or emerald star? :-S lol nick sharrat face *W*

By Oceana Snowdrop on 13-07-2014Rating: 3

omg so good

i love this book! i haven't finished reading it yet but im halfway and i already hope it never ends i love it!

By Maud Trophy on 12-07-2014Rating: 5


I got this for Christmas,a year ago.I went BALLISTIC!!I love the way it's woven in with Diamond.

By Joplin Pheonix on 11-07-2014Rating: 5

Amazing Emerald

This book is great and I want to write amazing books just like Jacqueline Wilson. I rate the book 4.5/5 Jacqueline Wilson books never disappoint me:)

By Journey Dazzledust on 07-07-2014Rating: 4


I started to read this book yesterday and I'm already on chapter 2!

By Twinkle Marshall on 06-07-2014Rating: 5


Yeah I really love this book because it is such a adventure!

By Mona Cosmic on 05-07-2014Rating: 5


I've read all 3 in the series and they are all brilliant!

By Ida Dazzles on 04-07-2014Rating: 5

Is it good?

Ive got this book at home but i cant be botherd to read it anyone please tell me is it good?

By Mina Saddle on 04-07-2014Rating: 1


i like this book because it gives me ideas to right in my own books when i am older

By Juniper Jellybeans on 01-07-2014Rating: 5

I love this book!

This book is amazing! I would say it is 5 out of 5. I hope one day there will be another volume because this book was extraordinary. (Sorry for spelling mistakes)

By Ria Icelolly on 28-06-2014Rating: 5

Emerald Star

I love this book so much !!!!!!!! <3 <3 Jacqueline Wilson is a great writer and his books are greats. PS: I'm not english (I'm frensh) so sorry for the errors; but I wish to say that I love Jacqueline Wilson, and finally the symbol <3 is a heart.

By Callista Whizz on 25-06-2014Rating: 5

Emerald star

I loved this book sooooooo much! The ending was great I can't believe she chose the circus!

By Hayden Eiffel on 18-06-2014Rating: 5


This book is awesome!!!;) Absolutely LOVE IT!!!!! Thank u soooooo much JW!!!! ( If u have not read it then u need to!!!!)

By Zora Raindrop on 10-06-2014Rating: 5

emerald star

Emerald star is a great book. SPOILER ALERT I think the bits where hetty found her dad and when she made a new friend called diamond were the best!

By Caroline Kingfisher on 10-06-2014Rating: 5

<3 Love, Love, Love <3

I love this book !!!! <3 I love Jacqueline Wilson !!!! <3

By Melody Horseshoe on 09-06-2014Rating: 5


Fabulous I loved it

By Gale Sweetheart on 08-06-2014Rating: 5

my review

it was a good book but i found it quite hard to get into it because there was so much happening in it! swan singer : )

By Wilma Swansong on 08-06-2014Rating: 4

Can't stop reading it!

I love the series and I love this book! (SPOILER) It's sooo sad what she chooses at the end. I would defiantly kiss Jem... He's the hottest boy ever! (Apart from my crush Louis :D) Sapphire Battersea Is scared of kissing her for-ever love! I can't believe it!

By Serena Space on 05-06-2014Rating: 5

So addictive!

Emerald Star is an amazing book. (SPOIL ALERT) I love the end part where Emerald wants to go and perform at the circus with Madam Adeline and Diamond. She has a hard decision because she has to choose either Jem and her foster family or the circus. I am not going to say who she chooses! I would definitely recommend this book to everyone!

By Moonjava Horseshoe on 04-06-2014Rating: 5


this book is great all the characters are great and i love how she followed her dream

By Fox Electric on 02-06-2014Rating: 5


I just finished it. My oh My. Lovely Hetty Feather again. I enjoyed a lot. I read diamond and there is a cliffhanger. Is there a new book coming soon? Keep it up!

By Grace Bounty on 01-06-2014Rating: 4

Quite good

Again, not one of her best masterpieces. My Sister Jodie is the best! I am a big fan. My friend dressed up as Hetty Feather for world book day!

By Arista Space on 29-05-2014Rating: 3


Emerald Star is 1 of my fave JW books i rate it 5 stars cause when i first read it i very nearly cried and hi Jacky if you are reading this......I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!! sorry but that is the truthxxxxbye i recommend this book so much!!!!!

By Alexis Colourful on 26-05-2014Rating: 5


This book made me oblivious to everything else in the world. The language is so great that I felt like Hetty,dressed like Hetty and shared the same emotions with Hetty. But there is something we don't have in common... I would stay and marry Jem!!

By Judith Game on 24-05-2014Rating: 5


i have read all the hetty feather books and this one is by far the best

By Fifi Berry on 24-05-2014Rating: 5

i love it

I LOVED IT!!!! I am still reading it and I have made a book mark to go with the cover

By Sam Shimmers on 24-05-2014Rating: 5


I love this book all of the Hetty Feather books are amazing and sad i hope it carrys on!(fingers crossed!)

By Nancy Sparky on 24-05-2014Rating: 5

My book

I've read this book

By Judith Party on 24-05-2014Rating: 4


love it

By Celeste Earth on 24-05-2014Rating: 4