Emerald Star

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I love jacky!!!!!!!!!

I have read this book and it is AMAAAAAAA MAAAAAA ZIIIIIIIIIIIING! Jacky's book are SOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

By Africa Eiffel on 21-08-2014Rating: 5

emerald star

i got the book for my birthday and i started to read it straet away and it was alsome everyone should read it and it is such a big book with 419 pages

By Zena Satin on 21-08-2014Rating: 5


amazing i have read it twice and am reading it for a third time read it its sad but awesome

By Ginny Scotch on 20-08-2014Rating: 4


First Hetty then Saphirre and now shes called Emerald.

By Honour Cupcakes on 15-08-2014Rating: 4


This is great Jakis the bezzzztxxxxxxxxxoooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

By Bitsie Coriander on 12-08-2014Rating: 5



By Caroline Blackjack on 10-08-2014Rating: 5


Oh,I can't belive Emerald ran away to the circus. Especially if she could have danced with Jem on May Day.Anyway it was a really good book.

By Cleo Swimmer on 09-08-2014Rating: 4


Hi zena diva how r u?????????? what happened to you why did you not come back im missing you so much plz reply if you already replied on this reply on the book four children and it:):) oh!:( im so sorry i love this book alot no offense it awesome!!!:)

By Arista Cupboard on 06-08-2014Rating: 5


I really love this book so much she has so many adventures about her Father (Bobbie Waters) Jem and Madame Adeline! She really does not deserve for her mother dying i feel really sorry about that but her mom Peg is also good i recommend this to every single person on this planet! Hope Jacky is reading this:) Good luck on her new book Opal Plumstead:)

By Zena Diva on 05-08-2014Rating: 5


I cannot believe what sort of adventures she has gone through! I would never think of such a great adventure for Hetty to go through! Also Diamond is the cutest little thing! I really want Jacqueline to write about her fourth adventure with Diamond!

By Naomi Gallery on 02-08-2014Rating: 5

so far so good

I am reading this book now and I am loving it I can't put this book down.Jaqueline Wilson is the best and Emerald star has got to be one of the best books yet! % star so far.

By Clementine Clearwater on 31-07-2014Rating: 5

amazing emerald star

this book is more wonderful then diamond! im glad she found her father also Jem and the circus! I really cant believe she also found little diamond and joined the circus

By Bunny Firefly on 30-07-2014Rating: 5


this book is amazing one the best books

By Totsy Latin on 27-07-2014Rating: 5

i love this book

i love this spectacular story i wish that it had never end but why did hetty choose to join the circus instead of living with her father or being able to marry jem

By Ginny Cupboard on 27-07-2014Rating: 5

Desperate For This...

I Need To Get This Book Now That Is Because I Have Read Hetty Feather And Sapphire Battersea Now Only This Is Left Because I Have Already Git Diamond

By Jerry Monteparnasse on 26-07-2014Rating: 5


xxx Andrea Infinity

By Andrea Infinity on 22-07-2014Rating: 5



By Luxe Satin on 22-07-2014Rating: 5


I love this book it amazeballs

By Iona Mimosa on 19-07-2014Rating: 5

Hang on, hang on!

Read at least a quarter of this book, but what is first - sapphire battersea or emerald star? :-S lol nick sharrat face *W*

By Oceana Snowdrop on 13-07-2014Rating: 3

omg so good

i love this book! i haven't finished reading it yet but im halfway and i already hope it never ends i love it!

By Penny Baby on 12-07-2014Rating: 5


I got this for Christmas,a year ago.I went BALLISTIC!!I love the way it's woven in with Diamond.

By Joplin Pheonix on 11-07-2014Rating: 5

Amazing Emerald

This book is great and I want to write amazing books just like Jacqueline Wilson. I rate the book 4.5/5 Jacqueline Wilson books never disappoint me:)

By Journey Dazzledust on 07-07-2014Rating: 4


I started to read this book yesterday and I'm already on chapter 2!

By Twinkle Marshall on 06-07-2014Rating: 5


Yeah I really love this book because it is such a adventure!

By Mona Cosmic on 05-07-2014Rating: 5


I've read all 3 in the series and they are all brilliant!

By Ida Dazzles on 04-07-2014Rating: 5

Is it good?

Ive got this book at home but i cant be botherd to read it anyone please tell me is it good?

By Mina Saddle on 04-07-2014Rating: 1


i like this book because it gives me ideas to right in my own books when i am older

By Juniper Jellybeans on 01-07-2014Rating: 5

I love this book!

This book is amazing! I would say it is 5 out of 5. I hope one day there will be another volume because this book was extraordinary. (Sorry for spelling mistakes)

By Ria Icelolly on 28-06-2014Rating: 5

Emerald Star

I love this book so much !!!!!!!! <3 <3 Jacqueline Wilson is a great writer and his books are greats. PS: I'm not english (I'm frensh) so sorry for the errors; but I wish to say that I love Jacqueline Wilson, and finally the symbol <3 is a heart.

By Callista Whizz on 25-06-2014Rating: 5

Emerald star

I loved this book sooooooo much! The ending was great I can't believe she chose the circus!

By Hayden Eiffel on 18-06-2014Rating: 5