Emerald Star

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After the loss of her mother, Hetty is seeks out her father only to find that he has a wife and two children! It is a beautiful story and I can hardly put it down! I love this book!

By Tracy Dinosaur Snowflake on 27-07-2016Rating: 5

Loved it

This was the perfect follow up to the others

By Ellie Dinosaur Flower on 26-07-2016Rating: 5

Emerald star

I didn't really finish this book because I really didn't understand it and only read halfway through this book. Not to be rude, I didn't really find this book that interesting. I think I will rate with three stars.

By Lizzie Sparkling Bluebell on 23-07-2016Rating: 3

soooo gooood

I loved everything this book had to offer it is in my top 50

By Flossy Orange Jelly on 19-07-2016Rating: 5

Emerald Star

I have just started reading Emerald Star on Sunday. I am enjoying it so far. Before you read this book you needed to read Hetty Feather and Sapphire- Battersea

By April Bluebell Eagle on 19-07-2016Rating: 5

Emerald star

I love this book. I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend it but I would read the first two books in the series before reading this one. Fantastic! Have fun reading!!!

By Sweetie Rainbow Swirls on 14-07-2016Rating: 5


Love it

By Hetty Harmony Wink on 11-07-2016Rating: 5

just began

I've began to read this book at school . I love it so far

By Fabulous Fashion Jewel on 29-06-2016Rating: 3


this is a truly wonderful kind and suspensful book

By Lily Tiger Eyes on 26-06-2016Rating: 5

Emerald fantastic star

Fab book. I love all the Hetty feather books because they are outstanding. Fab. I've met Jacqueline Wilson and she signed this book for me.

By Jasmine Sparkle Secret on 20-06-2016Rating: 5

Couldn't be better

Such a powerful emotive story. Well done Jackie you did well on this one.From your biggest fan, Sapphire xx

By Sapphire Sparkling Jewel on 11-06-2016Rating: 5


I've just finished this book it is fasanating 😜👍🏻

By Richeldis Sparkling Sequin on 08-06-2016Rating: 4



By Jenny Crystal Summer on 05-06-2016Rating: 5

find father

When Hetty finds her father she has to leave quite soon to go to a funeral of her foster father and to see her foster brother Jem

By Riley Rabbit Sunflower on 04-06-2016Rating: 4

have you ever wondered about your happy ending?

well read how emerald star tries to find her happy ending

By Mystic Sparkling Biscuits on 03-06-2016Rating: 5


Hetty is a good fun character I love how dear Janet longs to marry jem, read the book to find out the rest!

By Sapphire Tiger Bluebell on 14-05-2016Rating: 4

cant belive it

Hetty is adventurous! I recommend you reading it. It might be long but it is worth it

By Tracy Snazzy Telescope on 30-04-2016Rating: 5

My Gosh!

This book is two words: Pure exellence! This book makes me want to be like Hetty Feather/Sapphire Battersea/Emerald Star because she is so brave, but she also lies deep in saddness, which I wouldn't prefer to have. I especially liked ( spoiler alert!) when Emerald is a mermaid with the huge giant. To be honest, I thought that she would stay there.

By Queen Orange Diamond on 29-04-2016Rating: 5


SPOILER ALERT! When I read this book I was surprised that Hetty chose to go to the circus.I thought that Hetty would choose to stay with her father.

By Carl Rabbit Eyes on 28-04-2016Rating: 5


it is cool but sad at the end :)

By Poppy Rainbow Emerald on 24-04-2016Rating: 4

I loved it !!!!!!!

I really enjoyed Emerald star because lots of her dreams come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Tracy Glitter Sweetheart on 23-04-2016Rating: 5

Emerald star

If anyone want's to read a good book then Hetty Feather is for you.

By Golden Angel Bubble on 23-04-2016Rating: 5

Haven't read it yet but still 5 star

I gave it 5 star coz I bet it will be better than the rest of the series! As in coz the rest of the seeries is BRILLIANT!

By Crimson Bluebell Dazzles on 21-04-2016Rating: 5


i love emerald star jacky is the best author. she trys to find his dad and her dads marries again so she has go as step mum called kathrineso excited to read more

By Emily Echo Jelly on 16-04-2016Rating: 5

The best book ever!!!!

This book is amazing and i finnisshed it in only 2 days.The book is upsetting but also happy at the same time,I couldn't put it down

By India Rainbow Eyes on 09-04-2016Rating: 5


Once I had read Emerald Star I was so disappointed that it was over. I had already read Sapphire Batersea so it was a real joy to know I had nearly read all of the books ! I recommend you to read Emerald Star because it is one of the best books I have ever read !

By Lavender Strawberry Gemstone on 06-04-2016Rating: 5


It is SO awesome

By Poppy Fashion Monster on 30-03-2016Rating: 5


I also had absolutely no idea whatsoever that she would join the circus! This is soooooooooo great!

By Sophia Rabbit Star on 30-03-2016Rating: 5

Can't wait to read it.

Oh my god!!I really cannot wait to read this epic book.I have already read Little Stars so I really can't wait!

By Queen Echo Emerald on 29-03-2016Rating: 5

I love it

To me it's the best book of the Hetty feather series!

By Lulu Glitter Eagle on 28-03-2016Rating: 5